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ИП DipDev Studio 

DipDev Studio is a union of freelancers who value their time and prefer high-quality and productive work.
Most of us worked in big companies and chose this innovative way of cooperation.
DipDev Studio combines the capabilities of big companies, and also offers a wide range of high-quality services - due to the individual work of professionals.
This kind of cooperation ensures the price of services at the cost level - there is no profit of the company and unnecessary additional costs.
Each member of the team has his own portfolio and is a high-level professional in the IT field - which in turn helps to give the results of the services provided higher than from standard companies.
Here are some of the main goals of each team member: growth in their field, the use of only innovative methods and the latest technologies.
All this brightly distinguishes us against the backdrop of corporations and individual freelancers.

If your main goal is to get the desired result on time and as a bonus so that it exceeds your expectations - then you can contact us and we can definitely help you.
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